Googles Ranking Factors in 2018

 What's a top Google position made of? Google's algorithm is made up of over 200 components, or "signals".

We've condensed them into 5 easy (hopefully) to understand points.

  • Direct Website Visits


When someone types in your website address, clicks your link somehwere or your ad on Google or Facebook, that's a direct visit. The more people looking and landing directly on you the higher you rank. What if you have a new website and nobody knows about you? [SEO] is the long term solution while Google or Facebook ads (PPC) are the short term fix to get visitors overnight.

  • Time On Site / Pages Per Session / Bounce Rate


How long do your visitors hang around? How many other pages do they click on within your site? How quickly do they back out (bounce) or exit your site? The more they click and stick around the better it is for you but how to achieve this? That's Website Design], SEO & Content Marketing in a nutshell. A good looking website that tells a story, engaging content and videos are a good way to start.

  • Number of Backlinks / Mentions from Other Websites


How many places on the internet link to you? Not all links matter however, relevancy plays a big role in 2018. If you're a personal trainer and you get mentioned on (yep, that's a backlink), that will drive a LOT of "SEO Juice" to your website. Not so much if the link comes from a plumbing website but how do you even get links? SEO of course! Firstly, there are many types of links, some give more "seo juice" than others. Links from directory websites like YellowPages are easy to get but don't necessarily give much "seo juice". Generally good content gets shared, those shares create links, or another way to get backlinks is to collaborate with other website owners or communities in your niche.

  • Content Length & Quality / Keyword Density

  • Website Speed / Responsiveness / Mobile Devices

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