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Hi, I'm Eugene, Principal Consultant here at the Local Website Traffic (LWT) digital marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been immersed in SEO since 2008 and have a digital design background starting from 2003. I've made quite a big success in ranking sites and helping others grow their online presence.

Very quickly, customers started asking for more and more, and the business evolved to offer a suite of services for small business in Australia. We've helped them to rank higher, get more traffic from Google, acquire more customers, and grow their business via the internet.

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Through our services and one on one consulting, we've worked with all types of businesses. From solo-entrepreneurs running online stores to large companies that turn over $500+ million per year in revenue (MYOB) and everything in between such as Wedding Venues, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and Accountants.

Where to Start?

In 2003-2008 we spent a lot of time explaining to businesses why they need a website. In 2019 we were way past that point. You're here because you're aware of the reasons behind having a strong online brand presence and a proactive online marketing strategy. I don't need to tell you that it's a major key component of a successful (online or offline) business.

SEO, Online Marketing, PPC (Pay-Per-Click, Google Adwords, and Social Media all sounds confusing, right? It can get quite complex, especially some of the fine detail tech stuff... But, when you break things down into their individual building blocks, it's quite simple.

All you need is a website that looks good, loads fast, that explains what you do well enough for someone to want to reach out, and a strategy that gets you and your website in front of prospective customers wherever they are online, Google, Facebook, Instagram or somewhere else.


We create professional, fast loading optimized websites with engaging content, visuals and videos that will keep users bouncing around your site.

Every business is different. That's why we offer a tailored-fit solution that won't break the bank. We discuss your objectives and specific targets to make sure you get results.

Local Optimized Websites are designed to target certain suburbs and attract geographically relevant visitors. Be the Accountant in Brighton or Lawyer in Caulfield.

Maintain or enhance original branding with a website re-design. Old websites use aged frameworks which may not meet Google's requirements that are essential.


SEO is a long term strategy that takes time that drives direct website visitors through organic Google searches. Each keyword combination entered into Google has 1000's of competing websites and only 10 spots on the front page. This means we're constantly up against your competition.

On-Page SEO is all about making changes on the website to suit what Google wants to see. Uncle Google visits every website almost every day so you're always being judged.


Off-Page SEO is all about external factors like acquiring backlinks and mentions from other websites. These are things that happen behind the site and are not visible to browsers.


Content Marketing is the creation of good quality content about your products or services. Front page content, blog posts and social media activity that targets certain keywords designed to appear in Googles search results and get traffic.


Instantly drive traffic to your website with unprecedented online targeting capabilities. We can even target past website visitors with tracker and re-targeting pixels. Remember those ads that just follow you around?

Be seen by customers the very moment that they're searching on Google for the things you offer. You only pay when they click to visit your website.

For the first time in advertising history you can reach your customers by demographic, interests, age, shopping behavior, life events and so on...

Remember those ads that follow you around? Make sure that you follow up with any potential client that spends time on your website with re-targeting pixels.

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How Google Ranks Your Website

 What's a top Google position made of? Google's algorithm is made up of over 200 components, or "signals".
We've condensed them into 5 easy (hopefully) to understand points.

5 Most Important Google Ranking Signals

  • 1. Direct Website Visits


When someone visits your website by either searching for you, clicking a link or an ad, that's a direct visit. The more people looking and landing directly on you, the more they hang around, the higher you rank.

  • 2. Time On Site / How long visitors hang around


How long do your visitors hang around? How many other pages do they click on within your site? How quickly do they back out (bounce) or exit your site? The more they click and stick around the higher you have a chance of ranking.

  • 3. Number of Backlinks / Links & mentions from other websites


How many places on the internet link to you? These could be blogs about you, directories, social pages and any kinds of mentions that link back to your website. The whole internet is made up of links and buttons isn't it? The more pointing at your website the better.

  • 4. Content Length & Quality / Keyword Density


Google's algorithms can judge quality unique content that delivers value to the reader. In 2008 you could spam keywords on a page and rank with east as long as you have more keywords stuffed into the page than your competitor. Now in 2018 that's a quick way to drop your site past page 10.

  • 5. Website Speed / Responsiveness / Mobile Devices


How many times have you backed out and closed a slow loading website? One that's not readable from your mobile device? It's 2019, and more than 50% of website traffic is coming from mobile devices. If your website does not look good across all devices (responsive), you won't deliver a good experience which Google sees as a ranking signal.

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Let us check your Website's SEO Problems for free!

SEO is a long term strategy that takes time that drives direct website visitors through organic Google searches. Each keyword combination entered into Google has 1000's of competing websites and only 10 spots on the front page.

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